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Credit: Let’s count millions together!

It is very important to get a loan taken out as quickly as possible and to have your new home. It is perfectly understandable that if we fell in love with an apartment, we would be in the moment. No matter how hard it is, we have to be a little patient at the beginning, because we have to find the best credit. And that is only possible by calculation.

A few words about the basics of loans

Banks were created to lend. That is, they give us a larger sum of money, which we repay to him on a monthly basis. But not only the amount received, but also the interest, this is the bank’s profit.

Yes, but there is a difference between bank and bank and loan and loan, not even small. It is advisable to choose the loan that best suits us. Of course, we can change during the repayment period, but it’s not free, and we want to save that money for you.

A specific calculation


Let’s say we buy a house for $ 23 million. We do not require CSOK and we have a total of HUF 7 million of own funds. This means that we will charge you 16 million forints. But which one?

Let’s set the calculator to be 16 million forints and 20 years, then click the search button. After a short wait, we get some interesting results.

It can be seen that Honor Bank came up with the best offer, which is a monthly repayment of HUF 81,930 and a total repayment of HUF 19,868,382. That is, we would pay if the interest were constant all the time, but as shown below on the left, the interest period is only 3 months, so the interest is fixed until then.

By contrast, the most expensive offer is already $ 97,802 a month, from Sopron Bank, where we’ll refund a total of $ 23,571,284. Here, however, the interest period is 1 year. That is to say, our monthly repayments will certainly remain the same, although it is significantly more expensive.

It’s hard to make a good decision

credit loan

We are aware of the high stakes involved in selecting a loan, and you can see that there may be a difference of up to $ 3.7 million between 2 loans. It may seem obvious here what kind of loan we need, but if the difference is smaller and the higher repayment period has a much higher interest rate, then it is really a difficult nut. However, we are here to help, please contact us! Our experts will help you with the best credit.

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